Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year's End

Year's End 2008 - Time Counts
Year's End 2008 - Inside
This would be the math-
3 birthdays
2.946629213 years
31 months
1049 days (taking into account the leap year)
1,510,560 minutes
90, 633,600 seconds
I would break it down further but it might make me appear obsessive.

Year's End 2007
Cross Your Heart
years end-07 I- cross your heart
year's end II- inventory
Persistent Lack of Memory
year's end III- persistent lack of memory

Year's End 2006
The Eye
Year's End I- the eye
The Queen
Year's End II- the queen
and The Pox
Year's End III- the pox


  1. happy to find you here in this small corner.

  2. What wonder-wonder-wonderful works you show. You're so inspiringly kafkaesk!