Monday, December 22, 2008

Drowning, not waving

The best I have to give:

I have wanted to make an affordable book and thanks to the generosity of a stranger who paid for the printing I am finally able to do so.

This is where I started. This is the book that made me. This was the first time I was able to conceive an idea and follow it through to this conclusion. This is the book that convinced me that life is worth living because there was once a time when I was not certain.
This is my first project in 4x5. This is the first book that has riddles and obviously hidden references to women, to history, to poems.
This is the book that convinced me to accept the fact that I was a freak, was born a freak and would remain so - and to be content with that.
This is 'Drowning, not waving'.
drowning cover small
It is 76 pages, 4/4 full colour press printing. The cover is handmade with printed title and Indian handmade cornflower paper. Some people will get more flowers than others. You know how I like flowers.

I punched and comb bound each one myself.
And it is as cheap as it can be, again thanks to the kindness of strangers.
$24 includes US shipping + handling.
(I never actually charge for handling or really understand what handing is but it sounds more professional.)
$31 includes International shipping (any country).
This is the best I have to give.
I'll sign it if you want.
You know how to reach me.
Everyone floats

And of course, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy & Hopeful New Year!
Ebenezer & Tiny Tim


  1. Hallo Lauren,

    I have followed and admired your work for quite a while now, and I would love to look at some of it away from the computer screen as well. As I have heard and read about your beautiful books, I stumbled upon this one, which would be a nice start for me. Is it still available?


  2. It is but your will have to send me an email for me to give you the information. My email address is