Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A little darkness to ring out the old...

front cover

My (occasionally) Annual Handmade Book

promo spread

the black book - time to close out this year and bring in the new with a little darkness.

This book is a fragile creature, there's not a hard edge on it. It bends but will not break.

back cover

20 images (all but one taken this year),
approx. 5x4 inches, professionally printed on digital paper with a gloss sheen and selectively treated with a matte varnish (by me where I felt a little matte varnish should be.)

The images are fairly dark so the prints are fairly bright.

Prints are mounted on hand reinforced sheets of Thai decorated paper- very delicate-it is likely to bend or wrinkle but infused with reeds and leaves it will not tear. Stronger than it looks.
End sheets of a fine marbled paper
(each will differ somewhat)
Covers, with mounted images, made of a fine handmade paper dappled with silver.

A Japanese Stab binding sew with Irish linen,
the spine then covered with satin ribbon.

7 inches high x 7 1/2 inches wide

The Black Book is limited to strictly 13 copies. It is a delicate book, time consuming, and thus a very short run this year. $56 Including US shipping, $69 including International shipping.

Full set of images in the book, in full sequence, viewable here: