Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spirit Photographs

(after Mumler)

Holding Hands
'Holding hands' (spirit photography)

There is a book 'The Perfect Medium: Photography and theOccult' with a tremendous selection of spirit photographs. (Best one, Mary Todd in widows weeds with the ghost of her beloved Abe Lincoln). They are absurd but people believed them because there was the perception of photography as truth, and they had faith. So do I, in my own way, which is why I spent yesterday pushing all the furniture in the green room into the hall and made a theater. Today I set the stage.

Spirit photograph:  Puppet

No Exit
No Exit

Time out of joint
Spirit photograph-Time out of joint

Curtain Call
Curtain call


  1. Marvelous!
    I am enjoying all of your recent posts

  2. Thanks Anne. Nice to hear from you. I am trying to get back into shooting regularly after a rather bizarre year. :)