Sunday, November 27, 2011

Drowning, not waving Artist Book

This is where I started. This is where the path revealed itself. This one matters the most to me so I am making it available at a most reasonable rate. $26 includes shipping US, $31 international. When interested contact me directly at

A visual narrative artist book
Fewer than 30% of suicides leave a note. More probably make the effort but find the results inadequate, the futile attempt at describing logically a desperate and illogical act.
Contained in this volume are 31 case studies-
1. brief case history 2. snapshot 3. photographic documentation of items from pickets, found clutched int he hands, or arranged to be the last thing the deceased would see in the world.
Of individuals who, feeling their lives had failed, ended them;
and finding that words had failed, abandoned them.
In the hopes that these objects will speak to us in lieu of the notes that were not left.
76 pages, 4/4 full colour offset press, handmade cover, comb binding.

And here are a few examples as to how this tale is told.

drowning cover

Beatrice's story

# 3 (detail)

#13  (detail)

# 8 (detail)

# 31 (full page)

Everything is apparent here:

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