Friday, August 26, 2011

A day at the Zoo

the impostor

Zoo in rain. Animals, despite being what I consider waterproof, do not frolic in the rain. They go inside just like people. Except me. Get to zoo. Buy souvenir umbrella. Do not buy map because maps should be free. In first 40 minutes discover locale of parking lots A + B. Return to store. Buy souvenir map.

In 3 1/2 hrs. I saw 2 zebra butts (they would not turn around despite my calls of 'Hey Zebra!' - I know they heard me). 2 wild horses (which look just like regular horses) and the chipmunk and squirrel habitat which would have irked me were it not for the arrow shaped sign pointing to it which said 'This way to the nut hunters.'

*It is possible I saw an elephant. It was about 100 yards away in a raging downpour and I have poor eyesight but it certainly resembled an elephant, either that or a very large rock.

No pandas in the large panda habitat. 1 panda inside white cubicle facing the wall. No face, no paws, just panda butt. After several minutes I could not discern the panda breathing-due either to the thickness of its' coat or perhaps it was dead. I walk past Panda Mart, Panda Market, Panda Store to arrive at Panda Plaza where I check out the menu of Panda Grill to see if there is Panda on the menu. No

Then I lose my wallet with my driver's license, bank card and I pod touch on the train ride home. I knew there was a reason why I seldom go out.


  1. You should go out! You have a funny, ironic view of the world that is a pleasure to hear. Maybe, just leave the valuables at home! Thanks for your beautiful work! Ginny

  2. Oh Dear(dorf)!

    Are you o.k.? You were brave to get out there in the elements. You were the first one I thought of in all of this storm stuff... You will be o.k. right? I don't know if you will stay in your house or if you will go with a friend or leave the area, but I am seriously a bit nervous about it all. Please take care and drop a line so we will know you are safe, k?

  3. too funny! - such irony - on the 26th I was on a treat looking at a Surrealism exhibition from the Centre Pompidou collection (travelled to Aust from Paris) - I thought of you but had I known what you were up too... A