Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Books! Heat, books, heat...

It is too hot to shoot.
I've been folding paper and hiding from the sun for over a week.

Parts is parts
Pretty, pretty.

It is over 90 in my house.
I just cannot seem to see anything at that temperature.
And from time to time I walk into the basement, which is cool, and stare at my darkroom sink, and sigh.
I cannot wait for Fall.


  1. total sympathy for you - I dread summer coming here. the water even gets too hot to develop film! as for the sun, glare, bugs. hang in there

  2. I can totally symphatyze too. Heat is funest for doing anything that involves use of your brain. I hope it will cool down a bit soon over there.

  3. A firm believer in the coolant properties of folded paper, my Origamic impulses kick into high gear this time of year