Friday, April 15, 2011

Working Process

Working Process: I seldom sketch. As I am usually home if I get an idea I go upstairs and shoot it. On rare occasion when I am not near my gear I will do a quick sketch of an idea that occurs. Thing is, I can't draw.
Case in point-

working process


  1. however, the charcoal you has a smiley face...

  2. True. Originally I planned to have a manic smile in the image.
    Then I saw myself doing it in the mirror.
    And the concept changed.

  3. rather than resort to acronyms, I truly did laugh out loud.

  4. It is nicer to read than an acronym. :)

  5. you have nice teeth in the sketch.
    I can't draw for beans, so I have to write my ideas down, then I manage to lose the lists on which I've written the ideas.
    addled mind.