Sunday, November 7, 2010

Begin Again: The Need for the Whip

I made the terrible mistake of cleaning up my shooting room. Things were going well. I could afford to eat what I wanted and buy film without struggling. And I couldn't take a shot. I had crippled my eyes. Then I remembered a conversation I had eavesdropped on by two quite brilliant professors over 20 years ago. The phrase I came away with was 'The need for the whip'. Some people find no comfort in order. 'The need for the whip' is the need for a touch of chaos in order to produce work.
So I have my working title. And once I have my title I can see again. For me, it always starts with words.

Part I
The Family Portrait
Family Portrait
Family is relative.

Part II
Spent 5 days at the Casa de Union Memorial Hospital. I feel like a pincushion-12 blood draws in 5 days. I am accustomed to the arms and hands but this time they tacked on 4 to the stomach. That was new. I must say I didn't much care for it. Although I did give the doctor my card so he and the staff could look at my work and I feel it was well received.


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